Withdrawal of Concessionary Regime for certain industries Vide SRO 474(I)/2016 dated 24.06.2016

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Vide SRO 474(I)/2016 dated 24.06.2016, Federal Government has made following amendments in SRO 565(I)/2006 dated 05.06.2006 and concessionary regime for the following industries have been withdrawn:

(a)            Powder Coatings;
(b)            Chrysotile Cement Pipes, sheets & Fittings;
(c)            Aluminum pre-sensitized printing plates;
(d)            Artificial Leather Industry;
(e)            Diapers and Sanitary Napkins;
(f)             Disposable/Auto Disable Syringes;
(g)            High Pressure Laminate (Formica) and Low Pressure Laminates;
(h)            Metallic Yarn Powder;
(i)             Printing Inks;
(j)             Seamless pipes;
(k)            Sugar Mill;
(l)             Cement Plant;
(m)           Plants for Production of Industrial Chemicals;
(n)            Thermal Power Plants;
(o)            Hydel Power Plants;
(p)            Fertilizer Plants;
(q)            Heat exchangers, pressure vessels, Columns, filters, production separators, coolers and boilers, Bundle of Heat                                 Exchanger, Economizers/ Deaerator/ Storage Tanks /  Silencer, Heat Recovery Steam Generator HRSG, Heater / Flaker;
(r)             Machinery for manufacture of surgical goods, sports goods and stuffed toys
(s)            Machinery supplied to the approved manufacturers / assemblers of vehicles, capital goods, electronics equipment and                         system, consumer durable items and auto parts;
(t)             Marble processing industry;
(u)            Steel pipes / tubes industry;
(v)            Machinery and capital goods or engineering goods meant for export;
(w)           Textile Machinery;
(x)            Certain types of oil and gas development plants;
(y)            Machinery, equipment, intermediary goods and specialized vehicles for electric power generation plants and supplies
against international tender to the projects financed out of International Loan or aid giving agencies;
(z)            Agriculture Diesel Engines (Single Cylinder of 3-36 HP);
(aa)          Liquid Food Packaging Industry for Dairy and Juices;
(bb)          Flexible Packaging Laminates Industries excluding Cigarettes Industries;
(cc)          Gypsum Board;
(dd)          Gum Base; and
(ee)          Butyl Accetate.

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