Sales Tax General Order No. 28 of 2013

Federal Board of Revenue has issued Sales Tax General Order No. 28 of 2013 dated 05.07.2013. Federal Board of Revenue has allowed registered person dealing in Third Schedule Items to use existing packing material for a period of two months from 13.06.2013 subject to the conditions that (i) the registered person shall inform the Commissioner (IR) about the stocks in hand as on 12th June, 2013, on which sales tax is printed @ 16%, (ii) the sales tax in respect of such supplies shall be paid @17% (iii) manufacturer shall advertise the price, sales tax @ 17% and total consumer price in leading daily news paper in English, Urdu and other regional languages at least once in a week in July and August, 2013 and (iv) This permission however, is not available in cases where actual retail price excluding sales tax is different from the printed one.

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