Changes in Concessionary Regime under SRO 565(I)/2006 dated 05.06.2006

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Vide SRO 606(I)/2015 dated 30.06.2015 Federal Government has made certain amendments in SRO 565(I)/2006 dated 05.06.2006. List of industries and items entitled for benefit of the notification has been revised.

(i)  Concession on import of raw materials for the following industries has been withdrawn.

(a)    Air conditioner;

(b)   Deep freezers/chest cooler;

(c)    Refrigerators/visi-cooler;

(d)   Washing machine;

(e)    Car Air Conditioners;

(f)    Evaporators and condensers for air conditioners, deep freezers and refrigerators and industrial evaporators and condensers for chilled water coils, steam heating coils, shell and tube type;

(g)   Air Conditioning, chilling, humidification and industrial refrigeration plants;

(h)    Alkyd resins;

(i)     Bolts, nuts, screws, concrete nails and blind rivets;

(j)     Cable and Conductors;

(k)   Composite roll-formed window and doors;

(l)     Defense Stores, machinery and equipment manufactured for the use of defense forces;

(m)  Diesel generating sets;

(n)   Dry battery cells;

(o)   Pigments, dyestuff, textile and tanning chemical auxiliaries of headings 32.04, 34.03 and 38.09;

(p)   Industrial switchgears and high voltage electrical switches;

(q)   Footwear;

(r)    Master Batches;

(s)    Toilet soap industry;

(t)    Tyres and Tubes;

(u)   Tufted carpets;

(v)   Television sets under EEPAS;

(w)   Under EEPAS cellular mobile phones; laser video disk player; DVD player, VCD player; video cassette player VCP; video cassette recorder VCR; compact disc player; stereo car cassettes players; hi-fi system; pocket size cassette player; CD player; radio cum cassette player; radio; electronic calculator; microwave ovens; caller line identification (CLI apparatus), plasma TV sets/LCD panel sets/LED panel sets;

(x)   Welded steel pipes;

(y)   Wire rope, wire (high tensile), high carbon and pre-stressed concrete wire/stands, core wire for ACSR spring wires:

(z)    Milk Chillers;

(aa)  Aluminum processing industry;

(bb) Recordable discs (CD-R/DVDR/DVDR-DL(dual layer)/CD and DVD);

(cc)  Electronic meters;

(dd) Liquid food processing industry for dairy and juices;

(ee)  Spark plugs;

(ff)    Acrylic / pigment thickener;

(gg)  Polystyrenes (HIPS,EPS and GPPS);

(hh) Shoe adhesive;

(ii)    Linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid;

(jj)    Electrolytic tin plate;

(ii)               Concession on import of following raw materials has been withdrawn:

(a)    Organic and inorganic pigments for (Powder Coating);

(b)   Aluminum sheets for (Aluminum pre-sensitized printing plates);

(c)    Adhesive based on polymers or rubbers, hot melt adhesive and non woven, whether or not impregnated, coated, covered or laminated of man-made filaments for (Diapers and Sanitary Napkins);

(d)   Latex tube for (Disposable infusion giving sets);

(e)    Driers, alkyd resin, nitro cellulose and resins for (Printing ink);

(f)    Balancing block, cover sets, cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder head cover, cylinder liner, fly-weight assy, intake/exhaust valve and spring, piston, piston ring set, valve rocker arm assy, fuel injection pump, fuel injector, oil pump, water pump, cam shaft, crank shaft and gear set for (Agriculture Diesel Engines (Single Cylinder of 3-36 HP));

(g)   Glue. Adhesive based on polymers or rubbers for(Gypsum Board);

(h)   Talcum (food grade), paraffine wax (food grade), glycerol mono stearate (food grade) and Accetic acid ester (food grade) for(Gum Base)

(iii)             Concession on import of raw materials for the following industry has been granted:

(a)    Transformers;

(b)   Electric Motors.

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