Withdrawal of Concession on Import of Raw Materials for Manufacture of Toilet and Laundry Soap in AJ&K

Vide SRO 580(I)/2014 dated 28.06.2014, Federal Government has made certain changes in SRO 559(I)/2008 dated 11.06.2008. Following amendments have been made in the notification:-

1- Concession on import of raw materials for Laundry Soap has been withdrawn.

2-  Concession on import of following raw materials for manufacture of toilet soap has been withdrawn.

i)      Palm Stearin                         1511.9010;

ii)      Coconut Crude Oil              1513.1100;

iii)      Crude Palm Kernel Oil       1513.2100

3- Extent of concession of customs duty has also been reduced by 5%.

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