Rescinding of SROs

Vide SRO573(I)/2014 dated 26.06.2014 , the following notifications have been withdrawn:

a) SRO549(I)/2008 relating to zero rating of certain items.

b) SRO551(I)/2008 relating to conditional exemption of various items.

c) SRO727(I)/2011 dated 1st August, 2011 relating to conditional exemption on import of machinery.

d) SRO501(I)/2013 dated 12th June, 2013 relating to exemption of certain items.

e) SRO670(I)/2013 dated 18th July, 2013 relating to zero rating of milk etc.

It is pointed out that most of these notifications had become redundant as these exemptions/zero rating have been added in the fifth, sixth and eighth schedule to the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

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